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Sponsorship & Advertising Offers

So, these last few weeks I have largely been posting about what visitors to Folkstock Festival and family fete can expect when 21st September finally rolls around (I can  hardly wait anymore, I’m so excited!). But I’ve realised that there are plenty of local business and community groups paying attention too – so here’s one for you…
There are a number of advertising and sponsorship deals still available for Folkstock Festival, but with only 3 (and a bit) weeks to go, I can’t stress enough the importance of getting in quick!

As well as offering an ADVERTISING deal for £200 for an advert in the festival site map, given out free on the day to all those attending the festival – Folkstock Festival has put together a range of special offer packages for businesses that want to sponsor the festival and family fete.

BRONZE – £500 for an element of the event – such as the Merch tent/ backstage areas/organised busking area
In return you get 10 family or 25 adult passes ( normal price adult £25, family £55 ) – or a combination of your choice  PLUS YOUR BANNERS ON THE CROWD BARRIERS
SILVER – £1000 for an area -such as the family and crafts tent, the wrist bands sponsor or the songwriting and ukulele workshops tent
In return you get 20 family passes or 50 adult passes – or a combination  PLUS YOUR BANNERS ON THE CROWD BARRIERS
GOLD  – £1500 for a tented staged area
In return you get 30 family passes or 75 adult passes – or a combination  PLUS YOUR BANNERS ON THE CROWD BARRIERS
PLATINUM – £2000 for the Main stage or the Alt Folk stage, or the Village Green area.
In return you get 40 family passes or 100 adult passes- or a combination   PLUS YOUR BANNERS ON THE CROWD BARRIERS

Excitingly, there are also 10 free stalls on offer to community groups – to help give back to the local community. The stands are situated by the Village Green area.

 If you are interested in any of these deals, please get in touch with Helen Meissner at folkstock@hotmail.co.uk or helen.meissner@facebook.com