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An Explanation


After 3 months of going it alone this on this blog, on the day of Folkstock I was joined by two extra pairs of hands to help with all the coverage of events. Whilst I will be writing the content of the blog posts post-event – and the photos and a few (of the less impressive) videos will still come from me, you may notice I start saying “we” a lot more, and there may be some strange faces appearing on the blog… Don’t fear! Here’s who I’m talking about (and what they lack in beauty, they make up for in sheer talent… and braun? No, scratch that).

FROM LEFT:Me (aka McFly) taking on the role of: bossy. Eric Sawyer (aka Captain Green Beard) taking on the role of: filming. Mikey D (aka The Smurf) taking on the role of: sound editing, interviewing and psycho-analysing (disclaimer: Mikey is not a trained psychologist).

Thank you to the guys and girls at Espiritu for decorating us!