What’s All The Noise About?


*Disclaimer: The thoughts presented on this blog post are those of my own [Kate Snowdon] and not those official of Folkstock Arts Foundation or Folkstock Festival.

This morning I read an article in the Borehamwood and Elstree Times about complaints made with regards to the ‘noise pollution’ that the Folkstock Festival will cause when it reaches our ears in September. Now, I’ve heard the songs of quite a large number of Folkstock’s artists, and I’m so disappointed to think that they will be considered ‘noise pollution’ – I rather think of it as filling in the air with beautiful melodies :).

The article goes on to explain that the festival; which will take place in Aldenham Country Park, Dagger Lane on the 21st September, has riled residents near by, as they believe the noise it will create will be a nuisance late into the night and disturb young children. Folkstock, as far as I have been aware, has always been a family event; a family fun day that even has areas to cater for all age groups, including a soft play area for tots, a DVD area for kids and a milk bar for teens – so I’m surprised to hear complaints of the event not taking children into consideration, as I really didn’t feel that was the case.

From my first conversation with Helen (the festival director) she told me that Folkstock Festival is a community event bringing Hertfordshire and its surrounds together,and community will always be at the heart of it. It’s a shame that the community that the festival will take place in are not particularly reciprocal, as seeing as the event is only one-day long, it could easily be embraced and enjoyed rather than opposed. I mean if you can’t beat them, join them – right? I’d love to hear of those concerned about the event coming along (maybe even talk to Helen Meissner, as she says she’d happily give tickets to those living in the vicinity!).

Folkstock has positioned the two quieter acoustic stages nearest to the road to ensure that there will be minimal noise pollution to neighbours and has paid for a £2,000 sound report to ensure noise will not disrupt residents living nearby, so hopefully this reassures locals that Folkstock Festival is about peaceful, considerate, fun and enjoyment for all – and not in any way a reckless rave of sorts. It’s a celebration of local talent and community – let’s not lose sight of that!



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