Folkstock on the Airwaves


Local radio stations have been going a little ga-ga for Folkstock Foundation acts…

I’ve bought you a few blog posts of late showing the events and news about Folkstock Festival, but as yet haven’t really given my blog readers  a chance to listen to what Folkstock has to offer. That’s about to change. I’ve been collecting all the sound files and radio coverage that Folkstock has had so far to give a good insight to what is heading your way this September. Click on the icons to hear the audio. Enjoy!

Helen talks about Folkstock

Terry Sullivan from The Sticks Magazine interviewed Helen Meissner for his Secklow Sound (Please click on the third of the four icons of the Mixcloud selection and scroll down to the fourth episode):


Folkstock Radio jingle by Heartwave:


Radio Appearances and broadcasts:

 eabcd955-d3dd-4393-ae45-f82fcc7ed31dFolkstock Artist Daria Kulesh on Dacorum  logo-cambs-105

A selection from the Folkstock Festival artists:


More of the Folkstock artists:


Artists that will be appearing at Standon Calling:


For more info on Folkstock Radio Appearances:



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